Saturday, January 5, 2013

The "Job Karma" Theory

    I'm sharing this from my creative blog since I think it pertains to this area as well...

    I've tried to keep my blog mostly about my creative side but I find my other parts of life affect my creativity.  With the New Year now upon us, I have been thinking a lot and have many challenges ahead of me this month...hurdles, I will admit, I'm terrified of.  So read on if you would you like...I could use some words of encouragement.  If you do not feel like reading, I completely understand.

So it starts with my job...

Do you believe in Job Karma?

     I clean houses for a living and I absolutely love my job!  It has been 4 1/2 years since I started my company and I still love helping people keep their house clean and have time for their lives, family and the things they love to do.  I love being a part of a house...seeing the changes as life comes at each of my clients and see the reactions in clutter, design and additions (literally, house additions, family member additions, pet additions and materialistic additions)  Seeing the seasons come and go and children grow up, toys get packed away.  I find it very satisfying, almost like a shepherd watching over it's flock.

    I have five girls that work for of today, only four now.  I'm very sad to lose one, but she realized that cleaning isn't for her and I respect that and wish her the best in whatever she does.  Each of my girls has special strengths and weaknesses but they are all wonderful cleaners and give the clients all they can.  This is all I can ask of love their job as much as I do!

So, this is where Job Karma comes in...

    If you love your job and feel appreciated, you give your all.  Strive to put 100% into every day and you are grateful for your employer, employees, clients, office...whatever comes with your job.  So can you help someone else love their job too?  Somewhat of a Karma sharing?  Lets say you go to a restaurant and your waitress does a great job.  You show that you appreciate it by giving her a good tip and you are kind to her and treat her with respect.  It makes her feel good...and lets her know she is doing a great job!  In return, she loves her job a bit more and she will go home feeling she is doing the right thing...she loves people.

    Now, lets turn that around and say you go to a store and you are standing in line.  You overhear the customer in front of you being rude and condescending to the girl checking her out for making a mistake.  The customer leaves and you approach the employee and she is visibly upset and snappy with you.  Your first reaction is to be snappy back, but you can pass on Job Karma to her and change her view on her job.  It may feel awkward at first...but be nice.  I mean...Really nice!  Ask her how she is, how her holiday was...something positive and that will bring her attention away from the rude customer before and show her why she loves her job...she loves people!  One person can squash a mood but one friendly person can bring back faith that people, in general are nice, kind people.

    Back to earlier today, I got an email from one of my girls, telling me she is quiting.  That she hates cleaning and just can't give it her all.  I was very upset about this...she is an awesome cleaner and clients really love her!  She will be missed very much.  This comes in the midst of planning a big surgery for me in three weeks, which will put my out for 4-6 weeks and I will be depending on my girls to help me out in any way possible.  I went into a panic and poor Scott felt the brunt of it.  Me crying, sobbing, threatening to delay the surgery more and then realizing that if I don't have this surgery it may take me away from my clients and my family completely.  Who does that benefit?  No one...I can't let my family go without me and I would not have a job that I loved!  Scott passed on that Job Karma...being the good Husband (his job) and giving me good feedback and making me remember why I love my job as a Mom, Wife and House Cleaner.

Pass on the Job kind and share your happiness with everyone you come into contact with!

~stepping off her soapbox now

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