Sunday, July 24, 2011

Feel the soul of the house...

When you get home how do you like to feel?
           Get to know how your client would like to feel too!

One person's idea of heaven might be all the laundry done, where as the next might be the house smell clean and fresh.  Figure out what your client wants!

I have one client who wants the house pulled completely back together, everything put in its place so they can pull it all out again.  Another wants to feel like they are at a hotel and not have to make their bed, be pampered and taken care of.  One needs Quantity and not as much quality...This one is hard for me to swallow but their carpet is kind of trashed and tiles scuffed and broken.  The more that can get picked up, the better and the back corners aren't a big deal.

So's homework time!  Go home and look around.  What makes you crazy in your house?  What little areas bug you to no end and which areas are your favorite areas to be in?  Do you have a little corner that you would spend all your time in and an area you avoid at all cost?

Now...Every time you go into a clients house, "feel" the house!  What you feel is what your client most likely feels too about that trouble area or that favorite area.  Try to turn more of those "UGH" areas into "Ahhhh" areas instead!

(The photos above were a before and after of a porch.  I found a few cozy items in the clients house to bring out and make the porch feel welcoming and wiped away the cobwebs and dust.)

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